Based in New York, Vellore Christian Medical College Foundation is the North American arm of the #1 private medical college and hospital in Vellore, India. The Foundation hired Smith & Co. Creative to help engage its wide-ranging international stakeholders—from university leadership and alumni, to research and higher education partners, philanthropic and social venture capital sources, and of course, students.


  • CHALLENGE: The Foundation’s branding and communications platforms did not reflect their valuable work or the powerful story of the college and hospital in Vellore. With so many world health organizations, educational institutions, research centers and public health programs, how would this one stand out? 
  • INSIGHT: When you’re in the health space, everyone is a Florence Nightingale—that is to say, playing the archetypal role of Caregiver. The same is true for Vellore CMC and The Foundationwith an important twist. Going back to its powerful genesis story, we were deeply struck by the gumption, grit and grace of Dr. Ida Scudder who founded the organization in 1901. An American Christian missionary and one of the first women to graduate from Cornell Medical School, she traveled to India to start a one-bed clinic to tend to the throngs of women dying in childbirth (going untreated by male doctors because, according to Muslim and Hindu custom, only husbands could touch their wives). From a one-bed clinic to a nursing school to a sprawling world-class campus and hospital, the men and women of Christian Medical College were shattering perceived limitations, employing their passion, ingenuity and (dare we say) entrepreneurial spirit to find a way to care for ALL. 
  • STRATEGY: Through our work, we revealed that this organization is the Creative Caregiver, finding ways to reach and heal anyone, anywhere. To bring the highest quality care to the people who need it most. To create and share a new model for healthcare. Their promise: “Together, we’re leveraging our collective intelligence, creativity and spirit to care for allevery day.” 
  • BIG IDEA: Humanity in Action
  • SCOPE OF SERVICES: Stakeholder Analysis, Brand Strategy, Tagline, Messaging, Logo, Web Design, Photography
  • TEAM: Eve Smith on strategy, copywriting, art direction // Molly Conley on design // Andres The Giant on development 
BEFORE:   Vellore CMC Foundation  Homepage

BEFORE: Vellore CMC Foundation Homepage

AFTER: NEW Vellore CMC Foundation Homepage