Can you take the anxiety, clutter and ickiness out of modern romance? Can matching matter again? A new dating app that allows users to talk to only five matches at a time, Steady hired us to help flip that tough-love, limiting good medicine into a sexy benefit and brand story. 

  • CHALLENGE: We live in an age of infinite options. And though swiping proves easy, it also encourages compulsive habits and counter-productive behavior. And after hundreds of hours and hey’s going nowhere, people are understandably disheartened. Matches, marriages and miracles DO happen, but the journey feels more arduous and icky than ever before. In a post-Tinder world, singles are searching for a solution—and the market is responding. Enter Steady, a new dating app that allows users to talk to only five matches at a time, But how do you make people beg for rules and restraint? 


Visual Identity Exploration

  • INSIGHT: Flip the tough-love, limiting good medicine — focusing on just five people at a time — into a sexy benefit and brand story.
  • STRATEGY: It's not about limitation or what you can't do; it's about the experience you get in return — Space to Fall. Our internal positioning statement: For all you good ones, busy with your own adventures, Steady is a dating app that cuts through the clutter, redesigns how you engage with matches, and elevates the experience of finding modern love. Unlike Hinge, The League or Bumble, Steady helps you focus on the ones that really matter.   
  • TAGLINE: Make Space to Fall  
  • SCOPE OF SERVICES: Industry Analysis, Brand Strategy, Tagline, Messaging, Logo Design Exploration..
  • PARTNERS: Eve Smith on strategy, copywriting, art direction // Molly Conley on design