We hired Eve for the first time in fall 2012 to do brand research and strategy for our company. To be honest, she seemed very young and relatively new to the business compared to other more senior folks we spoke with, and therefore we were a bit hesitant... BUT we have been VERY pleased with her work and results. She gave us an insightful, sound landscape of our industry and where we stand. She also delivered a totally new direction for the brand that we all loved from the start. She nailed it!

She is extremely professional, follows through on her commitment, communicates well and wows us with her creativity and results. Her visual and verbal skills are amazing. She has the ability to understand our audience and craft the right messages to reach them. She goes in depth to understand who we are and our story — and at the same time she can step back and think of it from the point of view of our audience.

All in all, we have hired her three more times after she delivered the initial Brand Strategy. She and her team have helped shape our brand and given us a great new direction!
— Manish Gupta, Founder, MATR BOOMIE (previously Handmade Expressions)

I knew that it would be difficult to find a consultant who would spend the time up front to read and question and listen, in order to gain an authentic understanding of who we are. Eve surprised me. She went beyond my expectations preparing for the assignment so that when the work started she really grasped who we are and what we’re all about. She interviewed the leaders of our organization – real pillars of our institution – with the poise, expertise and wisdom that not only gave us the candid information we wanted, but helped us get the project off on the right foot with the people who matter. She and Molly gave us gorgeous, thoughtful creative. Eve navigated a very smart, demanding board. We couldn’t be more pleased with the brand and the new website. I love how she thinks. She’s doesn’t just see a website — she sees an opportunity for us to grow and achieve our goals. Just brilliant!
— Kate Guenther, President, Vellore Christian Medical College Foundation

Eve is a beautiful genius. She is a deep thinker, amazing writer, brilliant creative and oh so professional. She’s helping us move mountains.
— Rha Goddess, Founder & CEO, Move The Crowd

Eve Smith is an exceptional brand and business strategist—and a remarkable human being. When Everyday Athlete hired Eve, it was at a critical moment in our history as a company. Eve was given the difficult role of providing brand and marketing leadership, strategic business advice, and executing a marketing plan. Her intuitive, insightful and creative ideas were powerful and deeply effective. Given the chaotic and intense nature of working with a startup company like ours, Eve’s bold and confident work laid the foundation for our success. She gave Everyday Athlete the big, bold, powerful ideas, the framework, the language and the design to share our truth and inspire anyone. I refer back to that work to help me make decisions every day. That work is now part of the DNA of our company. I can’t wait to hire her again!
— Tomas Anthony, Founder, Everyday Athlete