A leading B2B fair trade wholesale company based in India and Austin, Texas, Handmade Expressions engaged Smith & Co. Creative to help them authentically respond to increased competition and deliver a complete rebrand that would finally show the world their full potential. 

  • CHALLENGE: Handmade Expressions was born out of a love for India, a seed of an idea, and a belief that together we can create a better future. The company has grown to establish itself as a credible force in the fair trade market while making a critical difference in the lives of its partner artisans, their families and communities. But after six years of growth and success, the fair trade landscape has shifted. New players are introducing new models. Consumers are demanding more from brands — and from social ventures. And everyone is searching for scalable solutions to the challenges we all face.
BEFORE:  Handmade Expressions Homepage

BEFORE: Handmade Expressions Homepage




  • INSIGHT: Lead with emotional, evocative lifestyle and design — but quickly follow up with dead-on practical shopping experience, amazing customer service and impact stories that matter.
  • STRATEGY: We’re all part of the same human family. We can be sophisticated and approachable. We can leverage love of fashion, life and adventure as a doorway to our powerful impact story. 
  • NAME: From Handmade Expressions to MATR BOOMIE. 
  • TAGLINE: All One. All Kin. 
  • SCOPE OF SERVICES: Industry Forecasting, Audience Analysis, Brand Strategy, Naming, Tagline, Messaging, Logo, Web Design, Product Design Guidelines, Launch Strategy, Hang Tags, Campaign Development.
  • PARTNERS: Eve Smith on strategy, copywriting, art direction // Molly Conley on design