With competition mounting, leading social advertising technology platform and consultancy Kinetic Social hired Smith & Co. Creative to rebrand the company from the inside-out. 

    • CHALLENGE: After two years with their heads down building the best social advertising platform they could imagine, Kinetic Social knew it was time to invest in branding. Increasingly savvy, the competition had adopted some solid marketing tactics—complete with easy product features, user benefits and adorable icons. And yet, none of these good marketers were greater branders. No one stood out from the crowd by offering the world a big idea or sound argument for why their work matters.
    • INSIGHT: Elevate the long lost key to a healthy social media ecosystem—happy end consumers. Delight them, and everyone wins. 
    • STRATEGY: Kinetic is the only social marketing platform obsessed with helping brands create welcome, engaging, empowering experiences for consumers — real people like you and me.
    • BIG IDEA & TAGLINE: Human-Centered Social.
    • SCOPE OF SERVICES: Competitive Analysis, Audience Research, Brand Strategy, Tagline, Messaging, Visual Identity, Values & Culture Activation, Customer Journey Innovation, Product Naming & Architecture, Interactive Sales Deck, Login Page, In-Platform Messaging, Campaign Reports. 
    • TEAM: Eve Smith on strategy, copy, art direction // Manish Tandon on strategy // Molly Conley on design
    BEFORE:  Kinetic Homepage

    BEFORE: Kinetic Homepage

    AFTER:  NEW Kinetic Homepage

    AFTER: NEW Kinetic Homepage

    Like so many of us, we’re passionate about social media and enticed by the promise of a better, more transparent and connected world.

    In just a few years, a host of platforms have dissolved borders and cultural boundaries. Democratized news and information. Powered uprisings, rising stars, next-generation entrepreneurs. And given nearly everyone around the world unprecedented personal power…

    Yes, we’ve made great progress. And yet, huge pieces of the social puzzle remain unsolved.
    Having gone public, platforms are now under increasing pressure to turn a profit, while staying true to their idyllic roots and protecting user privacy and experience.

    Brands — now the necessary financial engine powering social media — are changing how they relate to consumers, exploring dialog, collaboration and how to play authentically and effectively in the social space.

    All the while, people’s social experience toggles between baby pictures, breaking news, and advertising that spans from intriguing to down right intrusive…

    At Kinetic Social, we’re passionate about aligning the needs of platforms, brands, marketers and consumers so we can all thrive. And after years innovating solutions and running social campaigns, we’re certain of this: consumers hold the keys to this kingdom.

    When you encounter a message that captures your attention and mirrors your style, voice, values and very particular interests, there’s a flash of recognition. A moment of discovery. Finally, you think, a brand gets me. And when that brand promise is backed by your experience, a relationship is born. And everyone wins.

    Of course we’re focused on hitting our KPI’s. But we’re obsessed with helping marketers create welcome, engaging and empowering experiences for real people like you and me. Here’s to a social world that puts people first.
    — Brand Genesis Story // Eve Smith