On the eve of expansion, Everyday Athlete hired Smith & Co. Creative to forge a Brand Strategy & Identity to break through the fitness clutter and establish the founder as a thought leader.

  • CHALLENGE: The brand aimed to raise awareness and engagement among the New York fitness market, from adventure enthusiasts and marathon moms to desk-tied workers and carefree kids. Of course, New Yorkers are bombarded with fitness options and messages, every day. Compounding matters, we discovered that the old adage, "the more you say, the less you communicate," was alive and well. This passionate company was sharing too many messages without standing for a big idea or having a clear messaging framework.
  • INSIGHT: After a little more digging, we unearthed gold. Everyday Athlete believes our modern society suffers from a serious epidemic -- people have forgotten how to play. The company is uniquely dedicated to helping clients reclaim that playful, spontaneous spirit by making fitness challenging, engaging and fun.
  • STRATEGY: The Brand Promise we created, “Everyday Athlete is your partner in building a strong body, focused mind and playful attitude so you’re prepared for the best in life.” The tagline speaks to a fundamental shift in perspective and attitude, from sitting and hoping opportunities come to you, to taking a proactive approach.
  • TAGLINE: Make the world your playground. 
  • SCOPE OF SERVICES: Industry Forecasting, Audience Analysis, Brand Strategy, Tagline, Messaging, Logo, Web Design, Storefront Signage, Marketing Outreach. 
  • TEAM: Eve Smith on strategy, copywriting, art direction // Jennifer Wilson on design