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A collaborative brand consultancy based in New York, Smith & Co. Creative gives values-driven clients exactly what they need to revolutionize the world. Nothing more. And certainly nothing less.


Eve Smith started Smith & Co. Creative because she saw the need—in her heart and in the marketplace—for a different kind of consultancy. One that has the confidence and courage to work transparently and collaboratively with clients, to structure its team as a united yet independent federation of strategists, creatives, technologists and thought leaders, and (perhaps most importantly) to give everyone permission to slow down and get deep. 

The world of New York branding, marketing and advertising runs fast, all too often at a hectic clip. While fun and prolific, she found that this rapid pace can encourage superficial analysis, perfunctory problem solving and an attitude of overconfidence. As her career matured, Eve increasingly felt the need to question assumptions, investigate hidden motivations and give herself, team members and clients the space to explore. Ironically, she found “slowing down” didn’t delay projects. In fact, it made them more efficient while increasing the integrity and efficacy of the work. 


At Smith & Co. Creative, we see branding as a profound, inside-out practice. Obsessed with psychology and neurology, myth and archetype, meditation and embodiment, epistemology and ontology—we are the still point at the eye of the storm. With business, technology, politics and culture constantly changing, branding asks us to draw from that flux to find and express the essential and timeless. It begs us to ask age-old questions and approach the truth from multiple perspectives. Who are we? Who are we serving? What role are we playing? Why are we special? What do we believe? Why do we exist? The answers tell a story that’s always bigger than we imagined. 


Our job is explore these questions—to live them—and then to reflect the essence back in a compelling idea that is unique within the landscape, powerfully resonant with audiences, and true to the core. That idea then manifests creatively as words and images, and can even inspire new ways of thinking, working, relating and being. The deeper the process, the more dynamic, engaging and powerful the results. 

Our job is to see your unique potential. Then we give you the rationale, attire and narrative to believe it, own it and consistently live up to it.
— Eve Smith, Founder

About Eve 

Founder of Smith & Co. Creative, Eve is a strategist, writer and creative director. She excels at revealing the drivers behind human behavior and macro-market trends, crafting razor-sharp strategy, and bringing that strategy to life through clear, compelling stories, campaigns and branded experiences.

Over the past decade, she has led B2B and B2C strategic, brand and marketing assignments for global companies such as Walmart, Samsung and Dell, mission-aligned companies like Whole Foods, Seventh Generation and Eileen Fisher, and emerging next-generation businesses like Kinetic Social, Move The Crowd and Everyday Athlete. She has also partnered with nonprofit leaders such as GMHC, Vellore Christian Medical College Foundation and CERES, as well as created consumer-facing marketing programs for certifications like Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Fair Trade USA.

Smith teaches Marketing, PR and Branding for the BBA program at the School of Design Strategies at Parsons. She is the coauthor of three conscious consumer reports and has spoken on the segment’s evolution at Columbia and Wharton Business Schools. She graduated with Phi Beta Kappa honors from the University of Texas at Austin with degrees in International Business and Spanish. She lives in Brooklyn and Texas and loves her family, meditation, yoga, philosophy, psychology, pop-physics for the rest of us, running, swimming, hiking and being human.

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